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Mr. Timo Uusi-Kerttula
Readear Oy
HQ in Helsinki, Finland, EU

Email: timo at feedofme  dot com

FoM@ NORDIC INNOVATION HOUSE | 470 Ramona St. Palo Alto CA 94301 USA

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Google Play - logo and link to the Feed of Me App

Feed of Me is a cloud-based platform, where readable personal social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and public news services are combined and transferred into audible content and mixed together with music services like Spotify.

The user can select the reader's voice of the audio from 100 different dialects and 34 languages.

Use of the platform is done by Android and iOS apps. Setup with a browser will be provided, for those who want to listen to their personal feeds with an Internet-enabled device with a speaker. 

The alpha version of the Android app is downloadable from the Google Play. Click here to download

Why we do this? First, our main idea is to help people who experience blindness or vision loss by making all readable text and data audible and ensuring equitable access for all.

The platform is designed in a way, that once the persons are logged in with Social Media accounts and optional music service subscription, those feeds are read automatically, without any user intervention, and mixed together with persons own music selection.

The platform also helps people with dyslexia, illiteracy, and other reading difficulties.As we improve the platform, we listen to people with vision difficulties carefully and co-operate with associations with blindness and vision loss.

Secondly, we aim to reduce smart device usage while people drive a vehicle. Driver distraction and inattention in road traffic and the resulting accidents have become a worldwide problem.

Drivers are often tempted to use their mobile phones while driving, even though all disruptive use of communication devices is forbidden in most jurisdictions.

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Updated Sep 22nd 2016


Google Play - logo and link to the Feed of Me App
Feed of Me -logo